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Yohanna M Roa (Bogotá, 1978). Visual artist, curator, historian and art critic, with a feminist-decentralized approach and archival practices, transcultural based in New York. Their artistic practices aspire to produce changes in the way we reflect, organize and write about the past; in particular the history of art and our bodies. His work is framed in the activation of decolonial processes; with the aim of rescuing or pointing out memories, knowledge and even hidden or obscured bodies in the processes of writing history.

Yohanna M Roa studied the Women and Gender Perspectives program at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, she also has a doctorate from the History and Critical Theory of Art program at the Universidad Iberoamericana de México and has a master's degree in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a degree in Visual Arts from the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts of Colombia, with a meritorious thesis. He has developed exhibition and educational art and archive projects for various institutions, including: La Tertulia de Cali Museum of Modern Art, Alameda México Art Laboratory, cultural area of the Banco de la República de Cali, Autonomous University of Nuevo León México. In 2019 he had an artistic residency at the NARS Foundation NYC.

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