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(with battles of ancient kingdoms) 

The manipulation of matter, its transformation and recomposition, are some of the driving forces of Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda's career. His work plays with the paradox of physical wear and tear and its restitution through a work of art.


The starting point is goods and artifacts with a clear economic or use value, whose condition is considered fixed, which prevents any attempt at transformation under penalty of losing all their market value or as a work tool, depending on the case. The artist alters these values to create new possibilities of meaning.


Machetes are a relevant element in Rodríguez Sepúlveda's production: he has created a body of work that is in constant development and evolution. In this new phase of work he deploys interwoven sets that he calls “crests”. Thus it transforms the qualities of the machete to take them beyond the tool/weapon binomial.


In this new sculptural series the artist continues to apply scientific principles to sculpture, while maintaining a link with reflections about the machete as one of the symbols of Mexican identity and its representations associated with collective struggle.


''Machetes Dream'' is a bet that breaks the silence with a slogan that can be wielded: if silence is worth gold, breaking it can open a source of riches.


Irving Domínguez, curator, Mexico City, 2024.

May 29 - Aug 24

Installation Views


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