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Photography by Juan Rodrigo Llaguno

Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda (Tampico, 1971) He is a multidisciplinary artist with a comprehensive training that is made up of engineering, architecture, psychology, plastic arts and photography. His artistic practice focuses on investigating the way in which the processes of wear, fading and collapse of the symbols that make up the collective imagination are related to the transformation of our emotional references and thus reveal reflections and parallels between art, politics, society and economy. Through different media such as sculpture, object art, video, photography and installation, he poses questions that help him create bridges of rapprochement with reality.

He has held various exhibitions in important institutions inside and outside the country such as: Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico; Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico; Museum of Art of El Salvador, El Salvador; La Tertulia Museum of Modern Art, Colombia; El Museo del Barrio, USA, among others. In 2023, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey, MARCO held an exhibition that reviews his career and trajectory titled Fuga y Entropía.

Among his most notable recognitions and supports is the Sponsorship Program of the Jumex Foundation/Collection, Mexico and the Support for Artistic Production of the Prince Claus Foundation of Holland. His work is part of important collections such as: University Museum of Contemporary Art MUAC, Mexico; Museum of Pollença, Spain; JUMEX Foundation/Collection, Televisa Foundation and Museo De La Cancillería in Mexico; among other.

He currently lives and works between Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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