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Marina Vargas (Granada, Spain, 1980) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada where she later completed a Master's Degree in Art Production and Research. Her artistic language focuses on classical iconography, the sacred, and mythology, creating replicas made in monumental formats under a committed feminist gaze that permeates all of her work.


The realization of his projects is preceded by long periods of study, research and specialized readings on the topics of history he addresses, so that he invests many hours prior to the creation of each of his sculptures. The artist carries out her work, inserted in the neo-baroque, with a careful staging. In his works there are constant dialogues around the ideas of Western religious Judeo-Christian idolatries, sexuality, femininity, violence, love and desire; a work full of drama, brutality and combined beauty. We thus find works in which the revisionist symbolism of contemporary identities reigns, creating a new hybrid and monstrous model of beauty that has completely forgotten the silence of the classical canon.


He has received numerous awards and scholarships, as well as individual and group exhibitions and fairs in which he has participated, such as Arco-Madrid, Zona Maco-México DF, Cosmoscow art fair or ArtInternational Istanbul, among others.


We can find his work in important public collections such as; ARTIUM (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art) in Vitori a , CAAC (Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art) in Seville, CAAM (Atlantic Center of Modern Art) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or CAC Center of Contemporary Art in Málaga, among many others.

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