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Lorena Wolffer (Mexico City, Mexico, 1971), graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and, in addition to being an artist, is a cultural activist.

He has produced, facilitated, and curated projects with a diverse range of artists on platforms such as museums, public spaces, and television. He has given courses, workshops, diploma courses, and conferences in dozens of artistic spaces, museums, universities, and institutions, and his writings have been published in cultural magazines, newspapers, and books.

She is currently the coordinator of DISIDENT: Community of Social Practice and feminist knowledge, together with Cerrucha and María Laura Rosa. Wolffer was a member of the Women's Parliament of Mexico City (2019); Coordinator of Intervention and Social Practice of the National Diversities Laboratory (UNAM-CONACyT) (2017); academic coordinator of Art, culture and Justice: representations and Alternative Performativities of the University Program of Gender Studies (PUEG) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) (2011); advisor to the Cultural Diffusion Coordination of the UNAM (2004-2007) and co-founder and director of Ex-Teresa Arte Alternativo of the National Institute of Fine Arts (1994-1996), all in Mexico City.

She has been awarded the Hermila Galindo Medal (Mexico City Congress, 2019), the Artraker Award for Social Impact (England, 2014), Commended Artist for Freedom to Create (Singapore, 2011) and the Omecíhuatl Medal awarded by Inumjeres DF (Mexico City, 2011), among other scholarships and recognitions.

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