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Jorge Ismael Rodríguez
Ana Tejeda
Marina Vargas

Álvaro Verduzco
Ryuichi Yahagi
Lorena Wolffer

There is a point at which a tiny volume can overflow what has been contained for an indefinite time, and it is at that moment that the flow gains momentum and no longer stops.

And it is the way in which the flood is perceived, the space taken by elemental physics, that determines whether that moment overwhelms or heals.

Flood is the relief from absence, the moment in which, when that last drip that could accumulate is activated, it overflows with new life in the face of a persistent drought.

Flood is a collective ensemble of international artists whose discourses persist in transformations, evolutions and permanences, as a form of resistance and who, in a world suffering from a drought of empathy and proposal, flood to survive.

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