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Ana Tejeda (Culiacán, 1992) is a self-taught artist who expresses her vision and spontaneity in large-format works that work on different bases such as linen, mirrors, and ceramics.

During her adolescence, the artist made her first formal work, an oil self-portrait, and soon after she participated in the Expo Design in Marbella, Spain, becoming known beyond borders.

She considers herself a firm supporter of human expression through art. Color plays a very important role in Tejeda's life, as it has a primary meaning of intensity, mood, dance, party and dreams. In addition to contrasting with spaces, it serves to communicate feelings, experiences, and passions.

Thanks to her creativity and mixed techniques, Ana has fun working with textures that contrast with each other and that have a dialogue between all the colors. One of his most satisfying experiences was painting in the Sahara Desert in Africa with Moroccan pigments. Each of these situations allows him to print freedom and emotions on each of the canvases, through an exercise of introspection and deep connection. Despite the fact that when she is not working she is perceived as a woman with an extroverted personality.

She is currently the director and founder of the GAT (Galería Ana Tejeda) in Mexico City.

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