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Retrato Alvaro Verduzco.jpeg

Álvaro Verduzco Puig (Mexico City, 1977) has a degree in Plastic Arts from the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM and studied a postgraduate degree in practical theory at Goldsmiths College of the University of London in the United Kingdom.

For his work he uses support from the smallest piece of paper to large spaces such as walls and walls in site-specific works, using all types of techniques, materials and resources (pencil, collage, video, installations...). The artist problematizes what can be called a phenomenology of drawing using the mechanisms of memory and consciousness as the main object of study. His influences vary greatly thanks to extensive research into the history of art, both classical, contemporary and modernist, by masters from around the world.


In addition to having participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and group, around the world, his work is part of important public collections such as the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in Mexico City, the Bastidores collection in Mexico City, the from the Lázarea Cultural and Arts Center in Romania; and also from private collections such as that of the Ashida Family of Guadalajara, Nina Menocal of CDMX, Moises Cosío of CDMX, Camila Sol of Buenos Aires and the Goldberg Family of Chicago.


The artist has been awarded several times by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts and obtained an honorable mention for Arte Lumen. He has also participated in residency programs in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, India, El Salvador and Hungary.

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